Happy Call Diamond Coating Pans

Happy Call diamond coating pots and pans are very solid and absolutely non-stick. Get your old metal kitchen utensils out, Happy Call pots and pans are totally resistant to scratches. You can use a metal spatula, fork or tongs without any problem and without any risk to damage the Happy Call pots and pans. The non-stick power of the diamond dust coating allows cooking without using any fat and is easy to wash using only water. The forged aluminium plate allows excellent heat conduction and can bear very high temperature, around 580 C / 1076 F. The glass lid is heavy and watertight enough to contain boiling water without creating any overflow. Also, the Happy Call glass lid have a handle with an angle that allows putting it on the side on the counter, keeping everything clean, it’s awesome. Visit the virtual warehouse of 411 Buy it Now to discover the collection of Happy Call diamond coating pans.

Happy Call Cookware Set

Happy Call Diamond Coating Pan Features

Happy Call Diamond Coating Frying Pan

Happy Call cookware are made with a pure central aluminium plate, a inner diamond dust coating and an exterior ceramic and porcelain coating. Among the benefits of the diamond coating, there are the resistance and the solidity of the coating, the non-stick characteristics even with high intensity of temperature and the heat conductivity. The parts of Happy Call cookware are made to be practical and multipurpose, adaptable to cook many different dishes and many different uses. The exterior porcelain and ceramic coating is very easy to clean, even with only water. This outside coating is very solid and durable, that do not peals easily. Happy Call pans are lightweight and easy to use. They are very beautiful and look stunning in a kitchen. The glass lid with patented technology from Happy Call is made to release steam to prevent spills. The glass lid can be use with other type of pots and casseroles.

Happy Call Diamond Coating Pan Specifications

Happy Call Glass Lid
Diamond is a very dense material and poses no risk to human health and the environment. It also has a good ratio of heat conduction and smooth, non-stick. The coating of diamond dust is made of fine diamond particles using a new technology developed jointly by the Government of Korea, College of Nanotechnology at the University of Busan and Happy Call. The Happy Call cookware has five layers of diamond coating giving it a very high resistance to scratches, abrasion and corrosion. Diamond coatings are environmentally friendly are they do not contain heavy metals like lead or cadmium.

Advertising Video of Happy Call Diamond Coating Pan

In this advertising video from Happycall, we can see several demonstrations of the performance of pots and pans coated with diamond dust. Unfortunately, the video is in Korean (I think), but the pictures alone are conclusive. You can see the demonstrator cook an egg without any fat; same with an omelet, we can be seen him cook crab in some sauce and wash the pan only with water; same with stir-fried shrimp; we see a comparison with another pan, in which everything stick, whereas with the Happy Call pan everything comes off with water. Finally, we see him throw a sticky liquid on the back of a heated pan on the stove to form a sort of crust and then he pours water to remove everything easily.

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